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The Losers Review – Just laugh at it May 17, 2010

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Okay, I went to watch this movie with my friends, I wouldn’t be interested in it if my junior never asked me along.

The storyline was kinda expected, the ending will be either good or bad.

But still, I like it.

It’s very warm hearted I have to say, I always have a soft spot for men holding guns but with a kind heart, they’re the sexiest.

The focus of this movie was not very obvious, my friend asked me quite a few times about the plot, for example, why are they hiding the fact that they’re still alive?

But the main theme of this movie, to me, is the fact that, when you’re called a loser, you shouldn’t just accept the fact you’re loser, but be a winner.

It’s packed with comedy, here and there, you laugh your head off, and you pop it back, then you laugh it off again.

Some of the characters’ personalities are not very clear, like…Cougar…What kind of person is he? I know he’s damn freaking hot, but yeah…

Some of the shots using shaky camera gives me a thrill of excitement since it looked realistic.

The effects were good enough, I’m fine even if it looks like it’s made in the 90’s.

The villians are kinda too stupid I have to say, he sounds like a sissy, his actions like some idiot…And he was defeated easily.

It was a little biased, the movie.

The good are the good, the bad are the bad, there’s no neutral or a blend of both.

Aisha, the typical strong girl, with a motive in what she’s doing, cliche on this part.

The action mainly consist of guns, which, as a martial art movie fan, is quite disappointing.

Although I pointed out many negative things, I still like the movie.

It was funny, the ending was happy, the characters are mostly interesting, it’s enjoyable.

Maybe not the kind you will remember after years, but it’s a short-lived fun you need sometimes.

You can always forgive a movie, no matter how much it sucked, as long as it’s funny.

I heard that sentence from somewhere, I forgot where.

I actually feared that this movie is one of those that is damn serious, with a bloody ending, and dramatic acting, but yeah, I’m glad I’m wrong.

8/10 stars.

ps:I’m always amazed at the fact that America took so much pride in their country, that they wave their flag with gusto. It’s very inspiring.

ps2: I can’t help but to think so some couples together, like Cougar X Jensen. XD


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