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Why Being Tall Sucks June 5, 2013

It’s pretty ironic that right after writing a blog post about loving yourself, I publish another post about why I hate certain things about myself.

95% of the people around me seem to think that being tall is a gift.

I won’t completely deny that, at times, being tall does benefit me a little.

But it’s definitely not as good as some people imagine it to be.

And here’s why.

1.No one is considerate for the tall

When they build public transports, they always worry about the handgrip being too tall for some.

They never thought about those handgrip hitting tall people right in the face.

I swear, every time I get on public transport, my head would be attacked by those handgrip repeatedly.

If anyone was ever considerate towards tall people, they’d know that this is a terrible idea.

But no one did.

Everyone only worried about the shorter ones not being able to reach what’s up there, but never thought about anything that might be too low for taller ones to reach.

2.”You must be strong”

There’s this very common stereotype for tall people, if you’re tall, you must have more strength than others.

I don’t know how they got this logic, because I absolutely suck at every sport you can name, I have the worst stamina imaginable, and I occasionally have health issues like chest pain.

They also think we’re emotionally stronger, which is also false for me.

Since young, I’ve been that kid who will cry at anything, even not being able to tie my shoelace.

Nowadays, I would cry, if you show me a penguin waddling about, and play some dramatic music, with Morgan Freeman’s voice explaining the hardship of being a penguin, I’d cry a river in less than three seconds.

3.”You look fierce”

Perhaps it’s just me, but having a tall and wide frame made me look very threatening most of the times.

Many of my friends had told me that they thought I was a fierce person, seem really unfriendly and unapproachable.

Of course, after getting to actually know me as a person, they realised that I was the complete opposite of those(I hope).

Occasionally, this can be a good thing, bullies tend to avoid you, some would choose not to take advantage of you, and other annoying things that happen to friendly looking people can be avoided for us.

But this can also be a huge problem when you’re entering a new environment and need to make friends with new people.

4.FOR GIRLS – Finding a boyfriend

This point can be deemed as invalid, because my boyfriend happens to be 5cm shorter than me.

But perhaps not all tall girls are as lucky as me, so I’m still writing it down.

I never thought that this was such a big problem, until last year my lecturer for one of the modules mentioned it in our human anatomy class.

“All girls want to find a guy taller than them.”

My face literally went ಠ_ಠ , because at that point of time I am already dating my boyfriend, and I do identify myself as a ‘girl’, so it was really weird for me having to hear him repeat that sentence for at least three times.

But I won’t say that this point isn’t true, we all have our own list of preferences for people we wish to date, and some of us will have the height requirement on the list.

5.It’s hard to miss us

If you’re an extrovert I suppose this is a good thing for you, but if you’re like me, who happens to be hopelessly introverted, this is the worst thing that could possibly happen to you.

Like point 3, this can be beneficial at times when your friends lose you in the crowd, you naturally just stand out and they get back to you.

But standing out can be bad when teachers are asking questions, or when they want to pick a volunteer.

Those times when you just want to be an audience, but they had to pick you out to demonstrate something you believe doesn’t need your help at all.

Those days in school when your teachers scan across the class and you happen to be tall and popping out even though you’re trying your best to camouflage.

By now you should have realised that this isn’t exactly a very serious post, because as a matter of fact, I do like my height, I don’t exactly want to change anything about it(and I can’t).

It’s just one of those small issues which everyone else thought was 100% positive, but only the ones to experience it would know the negative things about it.

I also have friends, who are slightly below the average height, always telling me they wish to be taller, while at the same time, I’ve always wished to be shorter.

So in a way, you can say that this post  is meant for all the people out there who wished to be taller, to know that being tall isn’t exactly a good thing, and being short definitely have benefits that tall people can’t enjoy.

While at the same time, my fellow tall comrades, don’t fret, there’s got to be a reason why people are envious of us, even if we haven’t found out why, we eventually will, because really, we can’t do shit about our height, shorter ones get to wear high heels and insoles, we have nothing, we’re stuck like this, so we might as well embrace it rather than crying in our sleep about how unfair God is.


6 Responses to “Why Being Tall Sucks”

  1. Nathalia Says:

    try drawing the 5.5 me in the petite girl’s clothing and hairstyle..
    I think its can be as cute as the petite too..

    I can fit into you petite category, I think of the opposite
    I can reach the handgrip on public transport perfectly (need to wear some wedged shoes)
    People usually won’t tell me what happened, coz they think I wouldn’t understand or afraid I’ll crying like river, while I think I’m pretty heartless.
    When it comes to boyfriends, I feels like an alien got caught, you know that pic two people holding hands with alien in the middle? yeah like that exactly.
    I tend to get forgotten a lot (usually they said : we forget for a while that you’re come with us), lost ( I dont know if they lost me or I lost them), and its hard for me when it comes to concert.. I cant see a thing but people’s backs..
    and usually mistreated as a highschool student, while I’m actually 24
    people tend to tell : you kids dont intervene, its an adult thing..

    I always get to wear kids shoes or I have to custom order, which mean cost me more..
    and the clothes that fit are usually children clothes (usually with cartoon prints, ribbon, even lace)
    even if I can afford tp bought some brands clothing, they don’t have my size..
    so I just end up envying taller people that can fit into the clothes I wanted to wear

    so I think its an even, and we both need to be grateful

  2. Zephree Says:

    Urgh.. I know that really know that feel.. N it’s hurt admit it…
    Always stand out because seen as “tall girl” who introvert it’s kinda sad TwT
    And about boyfriend, I agree with your teacher said.. I hope I could find someone taller than me..
    But what I’ve found is that people who like me is shorter.. (although there’s one or two is at the same height or a little bit taller).
    Yes, I’ve tomboy personality to and not really care about how to feminine LOL…
    Ah… Being tall also had a minus point o__o

    • Zephree Says:

      I’m 172 cm girl.. I don’t know how to count it to feet because really uncommon using that unit at my country >__<

  3. Nora Says:

    I know the feeling :I I’m about 169 cm (almost 5’7”), and the fact that most girls in my class have your height or is shorter makes me feel huge. I’ve always wished to be the cute little girl that everyone could get along with, but unfortunately it’s hard to try and seem open and nice when you’re taller and look like you’ve got more muscles than the rest of the girls. It’s like it has always been my role to be the strong, independent girl, but that’s just not who I am. I’ve been putting up that act for as long as I can remember, but nonetheless I’m really just a quiet little crybaby on the inside ❤

    Well look at me now, I'm actually crying. Being short may have its flaws as well but at the moment I would feel so much better being shorter. It seems that everybody expects us taller people to be able to handle everything because we're sooo strong, but we're not. And then there's the awkwardness of no guy wanting to approach you, mainly because of the height. The fact that you will never succeed being "cute". The fact that you can't cosplay the character you want to, because she's so short and adorable.

    So… yeah. The flaws are many. And there's nothing you can do about it except accept them. :I It's a lifelong project.

  4. Reblogged this on FourCrazyFangirls and commented:
    This Blog post speaks the truth ; My fellow tall girls rejoice because you are not alone *cue cheesy inspirational music*

  5. naomi Says:

    i am so loving this piece…i am 5’10….i feel tall..every single day…am learning to love it though

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