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YunomiP Plagurism Incident – Popularity comes at a price August 21, 2010

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So yeah, here is the post I promised.

Just in case if you don’t know who is YunomiP:

And the background information about this incident:

The plagurism ‘evidence’ :

She apologised here :

Yeah, sorry I don’t wanna make this long and draggy with all that info-spam, so maybe you guys can do some reading about this matter.

This is indeed an upsetting incident, because I really liked her art.

Compared to many Manga artist who use computer as a tool of drawing, and made a mess out of it, she’s really skilled, for an amateur.

She was bashed around quite hard recently, like the post on DeviantArt may have said, it could all begin with jealousy, people start to pick out small problem(like iPod and schoolbags) then gradually, the entire picture was clear.

Those backgrounds, celebrity pictures, some poses…

Plagurism is not about how well the guilty party had done, it’s about whether HAVE YOU DONE IT.

So, sadly, she did it.

She used those images to earn money(CD covers, art books), so she has to be punished.

Japan is one of those countries which are very particular about copyright issues, not sure if she’s really going to the court, or has to pay some extra cash.


Talking about plagurism, reminds me of one of the really huge incident quite a while ago.

It was between one of the youth novel publisher JouStar in China and many famous Manga artists like CLAMP.

The publisher was found out to have traced many of the popular Manga pictures and placed it in their books.

Obviously violating the rules of Copyright.

One of their writer, GirlneYa, even copied many storyline(directly copying the translation) from those Manga.(eg:Jigoku Shojo…ETC)

One section of their magazine was named Nana, you should know what Nana really represents in the Anime society.

Fans tore their books, burned them, and posted those pictures online.

A really big event in the China Anime society I have to admit, not something glorious though.

It’s even more upsetting to see those books on the shelves of my school library, and the high rate it’s borrowed.

And I never liked those books with a nice cover, I’d prefer those that has a good plot.


Another event about plagurism would be involving the famous Yaoi Manga artist, Youka Nitta.

You have no idea how much I love her books, not only are the plots interesting, her art style never gives me the impression of “WTF IS THIS A GUY OR A GIRL?!”

But because some of the images she had in the book was too similar to some magazine’s photographs, so her books has to be taken out of the shelves.(See the efficiency difference between the two countries?)

But at least she’s back now, I feel so happy. TTvTT


Now I’m gonna talk about a hypothesis I had, it’s about the aftermath of plagurism.

Some are easily forgiven, because they have someone at their back, giving away cash to the original author.

While others have to suffer from being looked down to and face the punishment.

Because they don’t have that person behind their back.

That’s reality, I’ve accepted that long ago.

It’s an unfair world, I have nothing more to say.

I just hope that people can stop bashing Yunomi, and just let the matter rest.

After all it’s not like she killed someone, even murderers don’t get this much attention.

She must be in pain and reflecting herself too, and she already apologised.

When someone do something wrong, and they dare to admit it and apologise, if you can’t forgive them then you’re the real fool.

I hope she don’t give up on art and produce more of her original work.

And those little kids who are jealous of her, just work harder.


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