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[Movie Review] Puella Magi Madoka Magica Movie: The Rebellion Story February 10, 2014

It’s actually pretty rare for me to do reviews for Anime movies, because I have a very different scale for them, I’m a lot more lenient and forgiving to the mistakes Anime may have made, as compared to a live action movie.

However, this movie really had me stunned for a really long time after watching it, so I had to write a post about it.

Still, this movie will not be like my other review, it’ll be more of my ramblings about this movie.

If you’re unfamiliar with the series, Puella Magi Madoka Magica(I’m just gonna type Madoka Magica from now on) is a very popular Anime, that experiments and challenges the concept of the Mahou Shojo(Magical girls) genre, it also deals with teenage girls’ emotions and feelings in a very believable and relatable manner.

It’s a series that makes you think it’s something, but turns out to be a completely different thing, and I guarantee you, it’s a pleasant surprise.

This movie is the third instalment for the series’ movie trilogy, all new events and storyline, also, the grand finale.

At first I thought this movie is going to be a happy conclusion of the whole series, something that marks the end of this journey, that we can contently tuck it into our collection folder and move on.

And… I was wrong, so very wrong.

I really should have expected it considering that was exactly what I felt when I first watched the Anime series, expecting rainbows and butterflies, but what I got was me looking down at my chest to see my heart shatter into a thousand pieces.

I love the visual in the entire series, when the magical girls are fighting against their enemies, the visual design for the enemies is shown in a very classical, dark fairytale kinda design.

It’s one of the reason why I love Anime, even despite of being someone who studies film, and kinda do a little bit of Animation here and there.

Anime dares to go beyond the norm, the only animated movie that was nominated for the Oscar in the last 10 years that actually made me feel that it was being bold and dared to reach beyond the limits of the norms for it’s visual design, is Coraline.

However anyone who watched more than 5 different Anime in a year, can tell you that, experimenting and reaching beyond what is expected of them, is a pretty typical thing in Anime.

Madoka Magica is a solid example of that, it’s not the best animated movie ever, it can’t be compared to Miyazaki’s films, but the effort put into it to make this movie, this entire series, special, is greatly commendable.

Another thing I’d like to talk about, is how the movie deals with emotions of the characters.

For a series centered around the topic of ‘hope’ and ‘despair’, you’d expect melodramatic plots of teenage girls crying over boys, and you’d get exactly NOT that.

Not sure about the male audience, but as a female, there’s a lot of things the characters go through in this series, that I can relate really well to.

Even for the ultimate despair, you can feel the character’s last shred of hope disappearing in front of your eyes, you feel for them.

Which was why when a character does a really terrible thing, you don’t completely hate them, because you knew how much pain they were going through, and so you forgive them a little bit for the bad things they do.

The character Kyubey, despite our ultimate hatred towards him, I actually really like his existence in the series.

He is the existence that sees a picture so big, he can’t be bothered to care for the smaller pictures. It makes him a cruel existence that exploits and manipulates teenage girls, for the greater good that only he know about.

The only reason why Kyubey is cruel and cold blooded to us, is because we don’t see what he sees.

We relate to the magical girls easily, they’re humans, they have emotions, we have emotions, we can sympathize with people who experience the same thing as us.

But for Kyubey, he is bigger than us, his goal is to maintain stability in the universe, we would probably never be given such a huge responsibility, so we can never understand his actions, which makes him look like an asshole.

When you really think about it, he’s just doing his job, to make sure this entire universe still exist.

That doesn’t mean I like him though, I still hate him.

The ending of this movie, is what made this movie complete.

It’s shocking and heart wrenching, but in a way, it’s not completely unexpected or unreasonable.

Following the lives of these girls, there’s a part of you that will eventually realise that, this is exactly what is gonna happen.

All the things every character did, were logical, and all these actions, eventually leads up to the climax of this story.

I love the direction they took with this, it’s a great decision, it breaks my heart, but that just means they succeeded in achieving what this series is striving for.

What is frustrating me about this movie, is whether will there be a sequel.

The ending left you at a point, that if this is the final end, it will be despair for the fans forever, it can actually be considered a bad ending, a tragedy. It leaves you empty, they take away what we hold preciously and throws it in the shredder, when reminded of this series again, a void will always appear within ourselves.

However, if there is gonna be a sequel, it would drive the whole series back up to a different direction, a hopeful inspiring story that will etched onto the memories of the fans for a really long time, giving the audience a complete conclusion. It will become a classic, something that does not die off even with the test of time.

In conclusion, The Rebellion Story is a perfect movie for the trilogy, however, I won’t consider it an actual ending to the story.

I wish everyone could give this trilogy a chance, and look beyond the fact that it’s Anime.

That’s all, and I’d really like to thank my friend BPRX(Cosplay Meme’s page admin) for helping me buy the tickets for this movie, I’m terrible at booking tickets for limited showings, without his help I wouldn’t be able to have such a great experience watching this movie on the big screen.

Rating: 10/10 – Well designed, well planned, a movie that is here because of the success of the franchise, but not here just for the money.


Cosplaying and Fame – Are You a Model or Hobbyist? April 8, 2013

The inspiration of this post came from this amazing blog post on Nerd Caliber titled “The Pursuit of Cosplay Fame“.

A lot of cosplayers were sharing this post on my Facebook newsfeed, and after reading this, I couldn’t help but to pen down my own opinion about this issue.

This post took me quite a while to write, I did some research, not entirely detailed, but I needed to see more into this issue to actually make a stand about it.

Cosplayer pages had always existed, no one knew when had it started, but even before the event of Facebook deleting cosplayer profiles, cosplayers like Yaya Han and Jessica Nigri already had pages for them to connect with their fans.

Let’s all agree on one thing, cosplaying is attention seeking.

Not in the bad way, but in a way you’re expressing yourself, it’s exactly like a dancer or singer who would perform in front of an audience, you’re sharing something with your audience, in this sense people who are looking at your cosplay.

So in a way, you can’t be surprised to see cosplayers becoming celebrities.

When you try to relate fame with anything, we should probably look at the tabloid news for some idea of ‘how do people get famous?’.

Some earns it by working hard and being awesome at what they do, some were simply luckier than most and born with it, some just got famous for all the wrong reasons…

However cosplaying is different from the showbiz, many of us started purely treating it as a hobby, without any thoughts about getting famous or whatsoever, we invest money in it and expect no monetary reward.

Then came the time when the media started giving cosplay more attention, the general public started knowing about this hobby, and then cosplay became a possible career; people started earning money out of it.

There was this particular long argument on facebook about Tasha from Spcats’ recent StarCraft cosplay.

Tasha from Spcats

Do give the link above a read if you’re interested.

Spcat is a very famous Korean cosplay group, consisting of only a few females, most of their cosplay is of very high quality.

Tasha’s event photo

I can’t remember since when, but after their fame reached a certain level, they started doing paid jobs in cosplay, and there was many criticism about this.

The main argument is, what makes a person a cosplayer, rather than just a model?

Spcat had often been criticised for being just a group of pretty faces, always having photoshoots in the same few sets they have, some inaccuracy of costume details, and at times, people would doubt whether did they make their own costumes or did they get sponsored or were the costumes made by someone else?

Let’s take a look at the more extreme cases of actual models who are paid for putting on costumes.

A model was hired by a gaming company to cosplay as Athena from Saint Seiya for the huge event ChinaJoy, however the costume they provided was really exposing and they forced the mode to take off her safety pants.

Of course as a result, due to her costume being overexposed, the organizers demanded for the company to let the model get out of the event area if not they’ll debar the company from the event in the future.

There are a few key points to take note, the model in the picture, is an actual model, and her purple hair was dyed, she was definitely paid to do this and that’s why she can’t say no to a lot of requests from the company that hired her.

Then there is another celebrity in Taiwan, Sunny Lin, who became famous after she cosplayed the character Boa Hancock from One Piece.

She was praised as an ‘Otaku Goddess’, and had been the endorser of numerous games.

Then there was another case of the exact opposite of what we’ve seen above.

The child actress, Xu Jiao, who was famous for acting as the little boy in the Stephen Chow movie CJ7.

She’s probably more famous than most of the people mentioned above, and you know exactly what happened.

Yep, she’s all grown up now and she started cosplaying.

The above picture is just one of the many cosplays that she had done, mostly collaborated with a famous cosplay group named 304.

Right after posting her cosplay pictures on Weibo(the China version of Twitter),  she received a huge amount of negative feedback.

Most people just mentioned how the group 304 is only using her for publicity in the media, and how she’s using her fame to easily gain publicity for her cosplays, while other people who might be doing a better job doesn’t get the same amount of attention, and in some comments, mentioning how she’s exposing the cosplay community to the mainstream audience who don’t know anything about cosplay.

We’ve seen the two types of extreme cases in terms of cosplaying and fame, models who cosplay for money, and a famous person who started cosplaying.

Then let’s take a look at the inbetweens, those who became famous from cosplaying.

There’s Jessica Nigri, who was already pretty famous before becoming the official cosplayer of the game Lollipop Chainsaw.

Then there is Alodia Gosiengfiao, who became famous after competing in the AFA regional cosplay competition, currently she’s an actual celebrity in Philippines.

Despite being the representation of the cosplaying community, people still have doubts to whether Jessica Nigri and Alodia make their own costume, and worthy of their fame and status in the community.

However there is one person who is famous for her cosplays, yet no one ever questions about who made her costumes.

I’m talking about Yaya Han, I’ve only started following her after the local Singapore event ICDS invited her as a guest, and since then I’ve been following her page and twitter account.

Despite the fact that she gets negative feedbacks all the time, I actually really admire her and believe that she deserve and earned everything she’s achieved today.

Yaya’s april fools prank about selling her costumes, but it’s a nice collage of her cosplays

People can criticise how she doesn’t look good, or how her boobs are unrealistic, but no one could say a word about how she’s not putting in enough effort.

She sews her own costume, styles her own wig, makes her own props, have a passion for all the characters she cosplays…

Taken from Yaya’s fanpage album Yaya’s In Pogress cosplay photos

She’s the combination of both fame and cosplaying, she earns a living out of cosplay, yet doesn’t rely on others or becomes just a celebrity for people to worship.

Most of the times she would label the photos as ‘Modeled by me’, she sees herself as a model of the costume, giving modelling in cosplay a whole new definition.

Now that we have seen all sorts of cosplay fame, I suppose we can get to the actual discussion.

I know, that really took a long time.

What defines a cosplayer?

We can’t put in attributes like making our own costumes as a must, because in the community itself, we have many cosplayers, regardless of age and experience, who doesn’t make their own costumes, and would rely on online sources or tailors.

So then why are we criticising these cosplayers, who happen to get famous, about where their costumes came from?

Then there is another question, what separates a cosplayer, from a model?

This question is easier to answer, in my opinion, a cosplayer chooses what to cosplay, they know who they want to be, they have a passion for the character they’re portraying, they become someone else when they put on the costume, and they will feel happy when their love for this character is recognised by others.

A model doesn’t care about what character they’re doing, they just need to look good, that’s all.

Fame always comes at a price, and a word of advice for the cosplayers out there who wants to become famous.

1.Don’t attempt to become an actual celebrity through cosplay, it doesn’t work, it worked for Alodia, but it might not work for you. Very few people achieved mainstream fame through cosplaying, most of the famous cosplayers’ fame is restricted to just within the huge Otaku community globally.

2.If you can’t take criticism, might as well don’t even try to become famous. Because there will be criticism, there will be people calling you names and trying to make you seem less worthy than you are. It comes in a package, you can’t avoid it. If you have a very fragile heart that would break into pieces after hearing anything bad about yourself, then just don’t even try.

3.Don’t forget why you started. Don’t just cosplay because that character happens to be popular. Don’t forget that little joy you had when someone comes up to you to tell you how much they loved the character you’re portraying. Don’t let the magic of that die off.

In conclusion, there is no point wondering whether Spcat made their own costume, because they are gonna get famous no matter what, no matter how commercial they are, people will love them.

Let’s all admit it, they’re visually pleasing, they’re very beautiful ladies, and that itself will make them famous, regardless about their costumes or whatsoever.

The more important thing, lies within yourself.

If you don’t like the fact some cosplayers don’t make their own costumes, make your own costumes, invest your love in it, reap the reward by being proud of what you did.

If not, you’re just a giant hypocrite. 8D


This post actually went way out of point, my initial intend was to talk about all the cosplayer pages and how people rate each other based on the number of likes they have, but then the Spcat incident happened, and I can’t help but evaluate this issue.

Then the above happened, and now this post is about all the famous cosplayers I know of.

Actually I’m not 100% happy with the result of this post, I got stuck so many times I was literally crumbling into a ball out of frustration.

I might make another post soon about sexy cosplayers and why they don’t deserve the harassment they get, because that’s what’s been appearing on my Facebook newsfeed lately.

Also, school’s starting in one week’s time, so… updating will get REALLY slow again.

I’m sorry ;v;


5 Taobao Shop I Suggest You Don’t Buy From September 28, 2012

All speaking from personal experiences, no benefit is gain from this post, simply told from a customer’s POV.

In order to make it onto this list, this shop must have TERRIBLY disappointed me.

First of all, I’m not a picky buyer, most of the time I’ll give a good review as long as the quality is decent, even if it’s not, as long as it’s not bad, I won’t be that bothered.

Well, however, it might just be because I was unlucky, I happen to be the few customers they didn’t pay that much attention to?

Just a little bit of experiences I had, it’s not 100% accurate, after all I’ve probably just bought from them once or twice.

1. 1/2 Prince (Wigs)
Okay, this one isn’t severe, it was just a issue about my head being too big.
The problem probably lies with me, so people who are thinking about buying from this shop, don’t worry too much.
So, I bought a Shizuo wig from them.

I have to say, the style is perfect, simply perfect, perfection.

Actual wig

However, the flaw was that, it’s really thin.
Probably just 1 layer of fibre.
Another thing is, the net under the wig is really small, and my head had a pretty hard time fitting in.
But I must say, it’s really well-styled.
So my dear friends and readers who have a pretty small head circumference, just go ahead, because the quality is not the problem.

2.Meng Meng Cos(Cosplay Shoes)
Hmm… Where do I even start.
I was planning to do a Megurine Luki cosplay, and as every Vocaloid fan should know, Luka herself have really special shoes.
Golden boots, with the shoe lace slanting towards one side.
So naturally, I turned to Taobao.
Because I was using it for Luki, so I didn’t want it to be heels, it would be way too feminine for him.

I bought the pair that has a complete base, and when it reached me, I was stunned by how fragile the materials are.

Let me tell you, it’s just a layer of fake leather, the end.
The shoes were also a lot smaller, and the base was so small, and with the boots so fragile, when wearing it, your feet fall everywhere.
Most girls face this problem, the front of their feet is a little bit too big for normal heels, and that was the problem I faced with those boots.
Not just that, I can’t even close the lace completely to cover my socks.

I’ve only wore them once, and I don’t ever dare to wear it again.
After the event I even had to change to the pair of platform boots I had lent my friend earlier.
For my fellow cosplayers, you should know how uncomfortable platform boots can be.
But guess what? After changing to platform boots, I felt a lot more comfortable!
Don’t be fooled by the fact this shop had a crown, it’s only because very few shops on Taobao give such services.

3.The Hope(Cosplay accessories, eg stockings)
I’ll be straight forward about this one.
I’ve bought from them twice, first was for my friends who were cosplaying as Stocking from Panty and Stocking, and that wasn’t that big of a problem.
After all I wasn’t the one using them, so I don’t have much of a say on that one.
So, based on the first good impression, I bought from them again.
Guess what? The stockings came to me DIRTY.
I bought 2 pairs of white stockings, 1 pair of black.
One of th white stockings had a patch of yellow mark on it, the other had blue.
The black one turned out pretty fine, but I was still pissed, because I’d rather they stain the black, instead they stain on the white, which makes it look mega obvious.
Also, for the free gift they give for every item you buy, basically, it was just things that the seller didn’t want anymore.
Take for example(taken from actual comment), expired instant coffee powder.
That’s so fucking useful, I wonder if it can earn me a MC for school/work.
Also, don’t believe what they say about the products being made in Japan, they’re probably made in China.

4.CosOnline (wigs, costumes, props, make up)
Actually, I don’t even have to mention this shop’s name, because you can’t buy anything from them right now due to the fact they’re heavily affected by the island fight between Japan and China.
But it’s still worth mentioning because I was really angry with what I got.
I bought this Panty gun, the seller had mentioned that it will look slightly different from the picture.(because of material difference)
But what I got, was VERY different from the picture.

Let me show you some picture of how different the actual product is.

Yep, and fucking 74RMB for this.
It’s not even about how different, it’s a issue about whether the seller is putting in any effort.
Don’t say shit like “you could make one yourself.”(I tried actually, and failed)
Well, she’s opening up a shop to sell such things, I have the rights to comment on the things she make.

5.Anselarno(underwear, stockings, mainly for females)

Maybe it was just a be choice of location to buy such things.
I bought two safety pants, because at that time I was thinking of cosplaying as some characters with rather short skirts, and I was sending in an order, so I thought, why not?

Then… When it came to me, it was really tight.
Maybe I just have really large thighs(which I do), but it was supposed to be free size, and the white pair I bought was translucent.
So during a photoshoot when my skirt flew up due to the wind, the photographer could still see things.(he’s probably disgusted rather than happy)

Well, just gives me a second thought about buying from them again.(their products does look really well presented)

Especially since the shop is Tmall, meaning it’s supposed to be branded and approved.(Big brands like Adidas, SK-II, CASIO, MANGO…)

That’s all I have for now, I’ll post a part 2 when I get more products from other shops, always trying new things, and my father isn’t making me very happy with his new girlfriend and a child I don’t fucking know came from where, so I’m not very guilty about spending his money now.

Just kidding, maybe half serious but whatever.

Do leave a comment about any terrible experience with taobao shops, that had greatly disappointed you with their products.


Things I Wanted But Glad Did Not Buy September 22, 2012

All of us definitely had been through this before, the temptation of wanting to buy something, yet at the same time, you’re unsure of whether will it be a right choice later on.

It may not apply to rich people, but for most of us, it is a huge dilemma.

So a few days ago, I’ve got an idea to list out all the things that I’ve wanted to get, but is glad I did not.

1.DSLR Camera

This might seem surprising, but I actually have a slight interest in photography.
I even went to the extend of really researching on the price of an average DSLR camera, the models, and stuff like that.
However, as you could probably guess, the price was not exactly that affordable, so I just decided that maybe not now.
After sometime, when I think back, I’m actually pretty glad I did not give in to the temptation and get that camera.
Reason being, after actually studying about photography and videography, I realised that this just isn’t my thing.
All the functions, the settings, it’s too confusing for me.
So yeah, so glad.



2.Ball-Jointed Dolls

For those of you who are not familiar with what this is, these are actually really pretty dolls that you can move their joints and change their body parts, clothes and wigs/hair, even make up.
Don’t associate them with Barbie dolls because you can’t develop feelings and affection for Barbie dolls.
They’re so pretty that I really really wanted one.
Just like the DSLR camera, BJDs are really expensive, and hard to take care of.
After thinking through, I realised that I’m really not the figurine/dolls type of person who can put in so much effort to make them look good, and just feel happy by having them.
I high respect all my friends who own BJDs, because I can see how much time and effort they had put in, and how much they love them, so yeah, I really respect that.
At the same time, I know I can’t do the same.




3.Tablet PC

This was when I really wanted to be able to draw on the computer, to be able to do digital painting.
Same old problem, too expensive, hard decision to make, left it hanging for a while and realised that I really didn’t need it that much.
I already have two laptops(One of them is a Macbook, don’t judge me school forced me to get it), and I’m not even that good doing traditional drawings yet, so getting a tablet PC would be a total waste of money and resources.






Similar to the tablet PC, however the temptation only came to me when I saw the announce of the first iPad.
I saw the introduction on Apple’s website, and thought that the iPad is such an awesome tool and I totally need.
As usual, the price frightened me, and so I went to research on whether is it really worth it.
Honestly speaking the article I read back then made me pretty bored, but in the end I still didn’t get it.
After a few years, one of my best friends obtained an iPad from a business partner of her father, and I played around with it for just 5 minutes and decided that I totally didn’t need this.
What a relief I had, to find out that I didn’t spend the precious money on something I actually really didn’t need.




When I was younger, the two consoles were just so damn attractive to me.
They’re like Playboy magazine cover girls for teenage boys to me.
That was when I was REALLY young, like…. 10?
When I saw the console in an electronics store, I begged my mom to buy it for me.
Being the kind mother my mom is, she usually wouldn’t deny any requests from me unless if she really can’t do it.
Yes, it was too expensive, and so my mom just comforted me and led me away.
Now that I think back, I realised that my love for games is already satisfied by computer games and GBA/NDS games.
I really didn’t need the Playstation or Xbox, and some of my friends who have it can just let the whole bunch of our friends go to their house and play it TOGETHER.
Which is better than getting the console by myself and be forever alone and play all the games alone.


6.Japanese Lessons

Okay this is something I’m glad I did not choose to take/learn.
Actually I do really want to learn Japanese, and it was on my mind for like, a decade?
But if you’re like me, who still makes a lot of errors in English, already starting to suck in my mother tongue(Chinese), studying a new language might not actually be a good choice.
Especially when I have no plans to go to Japan at all, I can rely on translation groups when I read Manga or watch Anime.
I’m already struggling with my own studies(well usually before the deadlines are near), Japanese lessons will probably make my life a lot harder and I’m not sure whether am I ready for that stress.
I’m a coward, sue me.





7.Diet Pills

Let’s face it, most girls think that they’re fat, and it’s proven that I am pretty fat according to Asian standards.
I’m about 66kg and 169cm tall. My BMI is 23.1, which is normal, but it used to be just 20.
You can imagine how depressed I was when I noticed my weight gain, and so desperate measures(I hate exercising), I wanted to get diet pills.
Compared to other things, they’re pretty damn expensive, and so I just left the idea there for a while and forgot about it.
Now that I think back, not getting it is the right choice(I suppose), I don’t even know whether will it 100% work on me, and if it doesn’t, I would have spent the money for nothing.



These are all I can think of at this moment, I’ll make a part 2 next time when I remember more.

I might even do a ‘Things I Regret Buying’ post next time.

Do comment about things you’re glad you did not buy too.


Cosplay Memes! September 18, 2012

Memes had been the big thing on the internet since I forgot when, and for all my cosplayer readers out there, there’s this one particular page that I know you would enjoy scrolling through.

My friend BPRX had created this page called Cosplay Memes.

Yes, you know exactly what I mean, memes about cosplay!

You might think, ‘Oh dear God, not another forced meme that isn’t even funny’, well, guess what, this one’s actually really good.

Why is that so? You see, the key thing about a successful meme is that people find relevance in them, and screams “THAT’S SO TRUE” at it.

Well, the memes on the page really does make many cosplayers scream ‘I’M NOT ALONE IN THIS WORLD’.

Still not convinced yet? Well, let me just show you some examples.

Well, those are actually my personal favorites.

The character my friend used is Danbo, and it is an actual cosplay costume he built and wore during one of the events, he explained it in this post why he chose this particular character as the main character of the memes posted on the page.

Also, you can just call him Danbo-kun when trying to communicate with him.

He’s really friendly and nice to talk to, so don’t be shy and just give him your suggestions of your idea of the memes on the page itself, or sent him a private message, I’m sure he’s fine with which ever way you’re comfortable with.

Hope you like this page I’m recommending, I’ll be in search for more fun things for my dear readers, so do look forward to it!


Shinryaku! Ika Musume Review December 22, 2010

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*I gave up on the other cosplay post cause I lost my inspiration half way.=___=

Seriously, why is Naruto getting so many sequels when this Anime ends so fast?

I like comedies, I have to admit no matter how suckish a comedy movie’s IMDB rating is, if it’s a comedy and it’s worth laughing towards, I’ll still give a try.

In Ika Musume, there isn’t much fan service, just a collection of Moe-factors and presenting it in a everyday-life format.

I hate fan service Animes, in those Anime all you are watching, are the same routine of some Moe girls running around accidentally/purposely showing their body.

Perhaps it’s just disturbing to me cause I’m female, though I was fine when I watch Sekirei actually.

Oh I forgot, a short introduction about this Anime:

[A squid girl named Ika Musume vows to conquer humanity as revenge for its pollution of the ocean. Her first task is to make the Lemon beach house, owned by the Aizawa sisters, her base of operations. However, when she accidentally breaks a hole in their wall, she is forced to work as a waitress to pay off the damages.]

Wikipedia’s always your best mate. LOL

Of course Ika Musume is not considered S-ranked, or anything close, it’s too simple and down to Earth to be compared to those like Code Gease, Evagelion or Haruhi.

But no doubt, they made the right choice to make Ika Musume an Anime.

I remember I read somewhere, when it was first broadcasted, it was very low-ranked, only very few viewers…Nothing compared to Ore No Imouto or Bakuman.

But then after a few weeks, it actually became number 1.

Not surprising though, after all we all need a break from those Anime which follows a certain storyline, those that we need to wait patiently for the next episode to know what’s gonna happen next…

Without a very attractive character design, without a very thrilling storyline, without fan service, Ika Musume still stood strong as one of the most popular new Anime…

Of course Ika Musume is no doubt extrmely cute, and I bet if Mini Ika Musume can enter Sai Moe next year she could at least make it up till 3 rounds.

If you say that you don't like Mini Ika Musume, I'm gonna say that you're gay

I’m hoping for a second season, some say it’s confirmed(not officially), by just looking at the popularity of it, but who knows.

Also, if they sell the Manga in Comics Connection I’m gonna buy it for sure.


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