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People Behind Bars September 24, 2012

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The title is misleading in some ways, but what I’m focusing on today is about visitors of jail.

Let me give you some background story before I start voicing my opinions on some issues.

So when I was secondary 3(2 year ago), the school selected a few students from each class, to participate in this program that requires us to go to the jail(along with the school) and have an understanding of how jails are like, and how we should not end up in there.

I felt a bit offended, to be honest, because I thought they selected me because they think I am a terrible student and need discipline.

So I asked my mom to talk to the teacher-in-charge and got me out of this program.

2 years ago, my thoughts were selfish.

2 years later, when I think back, it was no longer something embarrassing, instead it’s something I’m glad I dropped out of.

I imagined how it would be like if I did go, I would see the prisoners, behind bars, or doing somethings they had to do.

Then the thought came to me, “in that way it’s just like visiting a zoo”.

They’re behind bars, they’re shown to the students as a bad example, students from every school visit the prisoners just to look at how much of a terrible person they were, and ended up being like this.

It was cruel, too cruel.

If I had ended up in jail, the last thing I want to be seen as, is a caged animal.

I have a rather strong sense of dignity and pride, and even as a prisoner I would not be able to take such shame.

Singapore is not exactly the kindest towards their prisoners, canning is something so common that, we do it in public schools too.(I have personally witnessed it twice)

Of course canes in prison are a lot harder and stronger than the ones used in school, to the stage they can literally split someone’s ass into many parts.

Yes, there will be blood.

For a country who could do this to their prisoners, letting the prisoners be zoo animals for a few hours definitely doesn’t sound that bad, right?

In a way I admit, it is a rather powerful message, it works well, fear factor worked perfectly, crime rates are considered low compared to other cities…

But I just can’t do that.

I can’t bear the thought of looking at another human being, not knowing their story, and immediately judging them as if they’re despicable.

I don’t want to be judged like that, so neither do I want to judge others like this.

Many think it’s harmless, because they think, ‘I’ll never be in that position’.

But who knows?


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