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Cosplay Memes! September 18, 2012

Memes had been the big thing on the internet since I forgot when, and for all my cosplayer readers out there, there’s this one particular page that I know you would enjoy scrolling through.

My friend BPRX had created this page called Cosplay Memes.

Yes, you know exactly what I mean, memes about cosplay!

You might think, ‘Oh dear God, not another forced meme that isn’t even funny’, well, guess what, this one’s actually really good.

Why is that so? You see, the key thing about a successful meme is that people find relevance in them, and screams “THAT’S SO TRUE” at it.

Well, the memes on the page really does make many cosplayers scream ‘I’M NOT ALONE IN THIS WORLD’.

Still not convinced yet? Well, let me just show you some examples.

Well, those are actually my personal favorites.

The character my friend used is Danbo, and it is an actual cosplay costume he built and wore during one of the events, he explained it in this post why he chose this particular character as the main character of the memes posted on the page.

Also, you can just call him Danbo-kun when trying to communicate with him.

He’s really friendly and nice to talk to, so don’t be shy and just give him your suggestions of your idea of the memes on the page itself, or sent him a private message, I’m sure he’s fine with which ever way you’re comfortable with.

Hope you like this page I’m┬árecommending, I’ll be in search for more fun things for my dear readers, so do look forward to it!


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