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What the World Needs-The Blind Side review April 4, 2010

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I’m suppose to be doing my homework right now, but I can’t resist writing this review.

How many people in this world keep their promises to god?

I’d be frank, I’m a freethinker, but I do believe in god, I did not give him much promises, but I promise him I’ll be a good person to good people.

This movie is based on a true story, so all that racism, all that offensive terms, are not to be blamed because it happens every day every where, and like what Adam Lambert says, they’re not babysitters.

Okay before I judge anything about this movie, I’ll just say a few things that what I look for in such movies.

I don’t want all that cliche storyline, neither too much emotion shown like some soup drama. I need them to awaken the emotion that sometimes we forget it’s exisitance.

We as humans, as animals, the most basic emotion we have.

Okay so back to the movie review.

The graphic may not be VERY beautiful, but it’s appropriate, especially some of the close-ups, which shows Quinton Aaron’s cute puppy eyes, and the last scene where Leigh Anne Tuohy closes her eyes.

There are a lot of very significant scene in this film, for example, when Michael Oher was walking in the cold street, and Leigh Anne asked him why is he going to the gym.

And also when the Tuohy family ask Michael does he want to part of the family, and he replied he thought he already was.

There is not a single moment when I felt bored and just want to eat my snacks, each scene is important, there is not a bit of extra storyline or shots.

Not to forget the wonderful acting of the cast.

Sandra Bullock, no doubt, I love her, fuck Jesse James, he’s an idiot to cheat on such a beautiful lady, and mistresses really need to shut up.

Quinton Aaron, he never had a lead role before, and for his first lead role, he did really really well. All that frowning and smiling is so cute, I hope he will have more lead roles in the future and be in one of the top stars.

Jae Head, as a young actor, he did really well as an attention seeker at his age in the movie, he’s role is like the cherry on the cake, lightens up every thing.

This movie, is full of hope, and I love this kind of movie, which makes you feel that the world is still wonderful.

And best of all, it’s a true story.

I love it when Leigh Anne said, “Shame on you.” to the lady who said Collins might be in threat because of Michael.

Living as humans, we’re all flawed, I’m flawed and I admit it, but some peopleĀ  refuse to admit it, and I just met three not long ago, they’re just little kid who hasn’t grown all their hair yet, but the fact is, we’re all flawed.

But some people, only look at the others, and point out their flaws and despise them, thinking they’re better.

Still, the Tuohy family kept to what they think is right, and it needs courage to do that.

I have cried many times watching this movie, it moves me deeply.

Showing the world a touching story of wonderful people, it inspires me too, to help others, to be generous.


PS. The song Chances by Five for Fighting has this lyrics,

“Chances are when said and done, who’ll be the lucky ones?”

which suit the movie just well, with Michael and Dave as a contrast.


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