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[Movie Review] Saving Mr Banks – The Movie That Only Disney Could Make March 17, 2014

IMDB: 7.7/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 80% Certified Fresh

Metacritics: 65%

A topic like this is sensitive, especially since Walt Disney Pictures is one of the biggest companies out there in the showbiz, to ever have Walt Disney being represented by an actor in any movie, is pretty much a miracle of our age.

Disney, or Walt, as he would like you to call him, is a legend, he’s the guy who made revolutionary animated movies, the person who brought us so many wonderful motions pictures, someone who practically paved the path for the standing of animation today.

However, as we grow up, after we learn more about this world, we would slowly realise that, Walt Disney, is a human being too, and no one is perfect.

Surprising as it is, this movie is not about Walt, but about P.L. Travars, the author of Mary Poppins.

The entire story is basically centred around her, and because of that, this movie became a roller coaster of emotions, and a really relatable movie.

P.L. Travars is the person who you would hate to work alongside with, she’s cranky and rude, always appearing as a step higher than you, does not care what you think and only cares about how she feels… But I’m pretty sure a lot of us can see a part of us in her.

Which was one of the reason why I really loved this movie, I could relate to her, I actually do care for her, despite all her flaws and the fact I’ll probably still hate her if I met her in real life, I forgave her for all that she’s doing, because I know she’s only human.

The portrayal of family problems is by far the best I’ve seen in recent blockbusters, it did not entirely paint a bad picture for anyone in the family, instead it simply showed the struggles they were going through and bad decisions being made, it looked at these problems through the eye of the child, and how it still clings on to the child even after she grew up.

Which was the key thing that made this movie very personal to a lot of people who had experienced similar things in their childhood.

I was surprised that the movie was actually pretty fair to Mrs Travars, considering they seem to all hated her and till the day she died she still never forgave them for what they’ve done to Mary Poppins.

The representation of Walt Disney was also fair enough, but you could still feel the utmost love and admiration the people who were involved in this movie had towards him.

I have to say I was slightly disappointed that they chose to not mention Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, instead simply went with Mickey when talking about the topic of rights of a character being taken away. However I could guess it’s because they don’t want any feud with Universal, and not everyone knows about Oswald.

I like the parallel storyline of Mrs Travars and her childhood, and how they link together, it’s a very interesting method of storytelling.

Another thing I really like about this movie is the characters, you can’t outrightly hate anyone in this movie, at the same time you don’t immediately love them either, it’s very grey when you look at it.

Now let’s get onto the topic of the reality of this movie.

This movie pretty much have a smooth ride since it’s based on one of the most classic in film history, a lot of people would come to watch it simply because they could relive the wonders of Mary Poppins.

However, as much as we hate to admit it, this movie is once again Disney fluffing up a story that they’re adapting.

This movie, albeit for all that it’s talking about, is doing exactly the same thing as what it’s main character is defending against.

Is that is not real irony I don’t know what is.

However my opinion on this issue is conflicted because in one of my scriptwriting lecture, one very important thing taught to us about adapting from a source material, is that we have to think for the final picture, instead of being thoughtful for everyone stuffing in content that’s not going to help the film.

Or the fact that when adapting from another source, it’s perfectly acceptable to change things here and there to enhance it.

Which was exactly what Walt Disney and the production team of this movie did.

This movie is about the struggles of working in the creative industry, having conflict with people who sees a different picture, and the money, contract, legal rights issue behind the scene.

I think you can add this movie to the whole list of ‘good movies about making movies’, because despite several parts of it being fictionalised, looking at the irony of it or the actual content of the movie, gives you the insight to what happens behind the screen.

Especially since many times, those movies about the struggles of making a movies, tend to focus more heavily on the actual production, while the pre-production stage can actually be just as much of a battlefield as that.

Overall, looking at the movie itself, it’s not the best as it could have been, but knowing the limitations, it’s already the best it could have been.

PS: We all know what will happen if Disney doesn’t actually acquire the rights to make a movie, just look at Lion King.


[Movie Review] Captain Phillips November 25, 2013

IMDB: 8.1/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 94% Certified Fresh

Metacritic: 83% 

My Rating: 8/10

This is a good movie, I’m gonna start by telling you that.

The screenplay was really well-written, the acting was spot on, only a tiny bit of problem I had with it was the amount of shaky-cam they used.

But even that itself is sort of excusable, because it does creates the false illusion of being on water, especially when it’s in a smaller boat than a big one.

My favourite thing about this movie, has to be the screenplay.

The script was written is such a way that, when one thing happens, it’s gonna cause or directly impact another thing in the later part of the movie, and it was so well done that you have to praise the screenwriter for it.

This is something that many movies nowadays lacks. In a lot movies, thing just happen, it’s not gonna be linked to anything else later, it just happens, to serve one purpose, and when that purpose is fulfilled, another thing happens.

It takes away the intriguing thing about storytelling, it’s the lazy way of doing things, it doesn’t excite people as much.

Which is why I enjoyed this movie so much, even though some of it was done way too obviously, and you can actually guess how it’s gonna play out later, but I still appreciate the effort.

Tom Hanks is really a good actor.

You see, Tom Hanks is one of those big actors in Hollywood, who really don’t have much of a selling point, except how good of an actor he really is.

In this movie, with him playing as Captain Philips, you really respect this guy, you could imagine yourself working under him and giving him the upmost respect as a captain of this ship.

You can understand why this guy is the captain and not anyone else, especially after witnessing how he protects everyone in his crew on the ship, and not just himself.

Yet at the same time, he doesn’t lose the human part of him, he still experience fear and we feel for him, we root for him to survive this.

During the later part of the movie, they try to make you feel for the antagonists too, and it actually works.

They’re basically trying to tell you, there is no true evil in this world, many times people were forced into this position to do bad things to other people.

Which puts you into a really hard position, you want Captain Philips to survive, you don’t approve of the things these pirates are doing, but you know these people had no choice, and the realistic side of you whispers to you, ‘there can’t be a happy ending for both’.

That itself is the evidence of a really successful story, you make your audience think, making them feel for the characters.

Like I mentioned in the beginning, the shaky cam is a little bit too much in the movie, but hey, they did give me slight ‘sea-sickness’ after watching it.

It’s a choice they made, a choice they felt was more suitable for the movie, I may not particularly like it, but I do agree that it is fitting for the movie.

I was pretty pleasantly surprised by how many people turned up in the cinema, though my boyfriend mentioned that this movie might just be one of those that fills up the gap when there’s nothing else to watch, or when the tickets for Catching Fire is sold out.

It might be, but I do hope these people were happy they paid for the tickets to watch this movie.

This may not be one of those big hits, but definitely worth watching.

On a lighter note, two things I learnt from this movie:

1.Don’t mess with the US Navy

2.Don’t kidnap someone the US Navy cares about because that means the US Navy will mess with you

I’d recommend this to people who enjoy survival, crime film, if a very serious movie with almost no light hearted moment is not your cup of tea, this might not click with you.


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